CrossTrust has issued an SSL server certificate with the following contents.


cert type Domain Validation (DV)
Server FQDN www.skbk.or.jp
status VALID
Expiration Date 2024/02/28 23:59:59 (Japanese Standared Time)

Please check the following

The URL of this page starts with https://trustseal.crosstrust.net/…,
and the status is VALID.

If the URL of the page you are visiting within this site starts with https://www.skbk.or.jp/ then the following can be confirmed:

  1. The web page at the site you are visiting uses CrossTrust's SSL Server Certificate.
  2. If you are connected using SSL, then the connection between the web browser and web server is encrypted and proteced from third party tapping, corruption and web server spoofing.
About CrossTrust's "SSL Server Certificate" and "Certification Policy Statement", Please click here. (Japanese Only)

CrossTrust issues SSL server certificates abiding by our "Certification Policy Statement" and provide the TrustSeal information. The intended that this public information be used as one method for Internet users to gain information about the site they visit. CrossTrust certifies that site operator has the right to operate a particular site, but it does not certify any further information.